Oliver has always been dedicated to bringing the beauty of music to as many people as possible, and every piece of joy associated with music as well

Oliver Johnson's legacy started at a very young age and with getting his first horn. From that first moment Oliver fell in love with music and the joy that it brought others. Oliver would continue on with his young age and growing his skill with the art of music and getting teaching from various wonderful teachers and eventually becoming very proficient with many different instruments. 


The bulk of Oliver's unique legacy comes from the years that he had the privilege of bringing his art to people all around the world. In this time Oliver made a huge name for himself in prominent blues areas across America and even outside America as well. Oliver created unique connections with tons of charismatic people, and musical legends that helped shape him further and refine his skill more. With the aforementioned people Oliver met he added a huge amount of work and technique to each show that would eventually give him a renowned title in the music business. 

Oliver moved forward with is music career to start recording a fair amount of his work, which unfortunately led to a difficult area with Oliver loosing some rights to his talents but regardless Oliver pressed on because his idea was always to bring the joy that music brings to people and even now and moving forward Oliver wants nothing more but to bring his talents and happiness around the world.